Renewable Energy Information
  on Markets, Policy, Investment, and Future Pathways
  by Eric Martinot

Solar City Case Study: Santa Monca (CA), USA

In 1994, Santa Monica adopted a Sustainable City Plan which includes goals for greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Since then, the city has increased renewable energy generation and purchases, improved energy efficiency, and fostered alternative fuel vehicles. The city now purchases 100% of municipal electricity needs from green power suppliers. In addition, the city has 300 kW of solar PV installed. There are green building guidelines and a mandate for green buildings for new city facilities. The city has converted its fleet of garbage trucks and buses to run on natural gas. Other city vehicles are natural gas fueled or electric/gas hybrids. Electric vehicle charging stations exist around the city. Together, the above measures by 2000 had reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 5% below 1990 levlels. For the future, a new Community Energy Independence Initiative proposes to generate 100% of the city's energy needs within city borders, based on cogeneration and renewable energy.

Page updated December 10, 2004
Photo credits C. Babcock, W. Gretz and DOE/NREL Photo Information Exchange