Renewable Energy Information
  on Markets, Policy, Investment, and Future Pathways
  by Eric Martinot

Solar City Case Study: Göteborg

The city of Göteborg has a long-term commitment to sustainable energy, including energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy, energy-efficient urban planning, and ultimately "energy storage in a hydrogen society." The project Göteborg 2050 is developing long-term visions of a future city and region. The project is a collaborative effort between universities, the city government, and the city's energy utility (Göteborg Energi AB). It includes research, scenario development, support for strategic planning, dialogue with the public, and demonstration projects. The project calls its methodology "backcasting", in which one starts with a description of the present situation and trends, then considers alternative scenarios for the future that are considered more sustainable, and then works backwards (in time) to consider processes for changing current trends, strategic planning, and action plans that will lead along pathways to the alternative scenarios.

Göteborg has also pioneered the design and construction of a number of demonstration homes that use only solar energy for heating and hot water, even in the winter.

Page updated December 10, 2004
Photo credits C. Babcock, W. Gretz and DOE/NREL Photo Information Exchange