Renewable Energy Information
  on Markets, Policy, Investment, and Future Pathways
  by Eric Martinot

Solar City Case Study: Gelsenkirchen, Germany

The Gelsenkirchen Science Park was home in 1995 to the largest roof-mounted solar PV plant, 210 kW, that exsted at the time. Since then, the park is being transformed into a base for local production and R&D for clean energy technologies. The city of Gelsenkirchen itself is a coal-and-steel industrial city that advocates are hoping to transform into an "energy city." The city has begun to incorporate solar into housing plans and conduct information and marketing campaigns and training programs, as well as assisting local businesses. A number of demonstration projects have been built. And a new NGO was established, called Solar City Gelsenkirchen.

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Page updated December 10, 2004
Photo credits C. Babcock, W. Gretz and DOE/NREL Photo Information Exchange