About this Site

This site is intended as a non-commercial public service for providing access to information on renewable energy, with a focus on markets, policy, investment, futures, research, and education. The site also provides access to Eric Martinot's own publications, many of which are widely used around the world. (And which are all available as free downloads.)

Historically across the web, there were many technology-focused sources of information available on renewable energy. But there were fewer sources on the non-technology aspects like markets and finance. This web site was intended to fill that gap, but in recent years the situation has been changing. There has been an incredible explosion of information and publications about all aspects of renewable energy. This site has tried to keep pace, or at least to continue to identify the most useful, well-known, and widely-used sites and publications.

The site is updated on an occasional basis, typically once or twice per year. Some older pages now serve only as archive or historical reference.

Reports of broken links and suggestions for new links and material are always appreciated and may be sent to contact (at) martinot.info.

This site was first created in 2003, Traffic has grown over the years and has been averaging 90,000-120,000 visits per year in recent years. (Statistics exclude web bot visits.)

Page updated February 17, 2016